Steve Sundby
February 25, 2018
Steve Sundby
Lead Pastor


Genesis 19:1-3; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13
Same-sex - part 1

Today, nothing exposes the gap between church and culture like the topics of sex and sexuality. Our progressive Canadian culture has led many to experience increasing confusion around the issue of human sexuality, including their own sexuality and sexual activity. What is right? What is wrong? Is there a right or wrong? In answering those questions the church has often responded with harsh, simplistic answers which have widened the gap, increased confusion and created deep divisions in both families and churches.

During the series Naked and Unashamed, we are going to explore the topics of sex, sexuality, relationships, identities, orientations and gender. As we do, we will seek to discover a holistic, biblical vision of sex, sexuality and gender that honors God, blesses relationships and offers good news to the world in which we live.