Sunday, August 1

Speaker: Steve Karadimas
Message: Heroes: Rahab
Scripture: Joshua 2:8-12 & James 2:14-26

Call to Worship

 May none of God’s wonderful works keep silence, night or morning.

Bright stars, high mountains, the depths of the seas, sources of rushing rivers;

may all these break into song as we sing to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

May all the angels in the heavens reply

Amen!  Amen!  Amen!

Power, praise, honor, eternal glory to our unstoppable God, the only giver of grace.  

Amen!  Amen!  Amen!   

Worshipping Through Giving

Join us as we continue to worship through the giving of our tithes and offering.


 As people of faith we have gathered for worship.

As people of faith we now return to the world.

We share the faith in word and in deed, in speech and in action.

As we go out to give a living witness, as we go out to testify to God's love active in the world,

let us go knowing that God the Father goes with us,

Christ will inspire us, and his Spirit will lead us and empower us.  

Thanks be to God!


Afterservice Prayer

Would you like someone to pray with you?