Luke 1:26-38

Welcome to the first Sunday in Advent! Join us this season for the "Cast of Christmas." Each week, we will take an in-depth look at a character from the Christmas story to discover who they were, how they used their gifts to serve God, and how they can be models for us during this time.

In today's sermon, Steve Sundby introduces us to Mary, the mother of Jesus, and he poses the question, "Are we willing to say yes like Mary?" Next week, Steve will share about Joseph and the critical role he played in Jesus' coming to us.

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We look forward to worshipping online with you on December 24th, at 4 pm or 7 pm on our livestream, to celebrate the arrival of Jesus in an uplifting Christmas Eve service for the whole family! The livestream will remain on the website if you'd like to catch it later, too. 

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