SBC Micro-Churches exist to bring the reality, beauty, and good news of the Kingdom of God to our neighbourhoods, social spaces, and homes in the Greater Victoria area.

Micro-Church is a new expression of SBC and we are excited to learn and grow together while we witness how God uses Micro-Churches to bring the good news of his Kingdom to this city.

If you're interested in leading a Micro-Church, contact Lindsay Anderson or Christina Honecker by filling out the form below.

Answers to Common Questions

Micro-churches will typically meet on a weekly basis living out what we see in the early church in Acts 2:42-47:

  • Encouraging each other.
  • Sharing meals.
  • Praying.
  • Building devotion to the Scriptures - hearing and obeying.
  • Meeting the needs of each other, and those around us in our homes, jobs, & neighbourhoods.
  • Collectively and collaboratively discerning and living out a "Mission Focus" that the group can do together.
  • Being open and inclusive to others.

Weekly meetings will look different from group to group and week to week. Groups may engage in discussion using one of our spiritual formation guides, or some teaching from the Sunday service. Other weeks, groups might have a missional focus where they serve together. Groups with families might take a week to focus on discipling the kids.

The answer to this is as vast as the number of Micro-Churches that form - meaning they may meet at any time during the week. This is up to the group and what fits them best.

Micro-Church Contact Form

Are you interested in joining a micro-church? Do you want to learn more about hosting a micro-church? We'd love to connect with you! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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