Serve the City: Christmas

Update: November 25

Angel Tree gifts will be out this Sunday, November 28! Join us at either our Wilkinson or our Centennial Park Campus to choose a gift tag. Angel Tree is an extension of Prison Fellowship Ministries. The Angel Tree project is an outreach program established for the children of parents incarcerated in BC prisons. We are supporting families in the Victoria area by purchasing and presenting a gift on behalf of that parent who can not be with them this Christmas. Angel Tree gifts are due back by December 12.

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Serve the City: Christmas is back! We're so excited to be partnering with the Women's Transition House, 1 Up, PEERS, and Angel Tree. Starting October 31st you'll have the option of either donating money or purchasing gifts for kids who have a parent(s) in prison, single parent families, gift cards so families can buy food for Christmas dinner, and gift cards for resources for women who are fleeing abusive homes, many with young children in tow. 

We'll launch online on Sunday, October 31. Then, the following Sunday (November 7) we'll launch in person at both of our campuses.

This Christmas you can make a difference in lives throughout Greater Victoria.
Join us October 31 - December 5!

Sign up for the gift you wish to donate in the fireside room at WRC (4347 Wilkinson Rd) or in the lobby at CPC (7577 Wallace) after the service or visit SAANICHBAPTIST.ORG to select a gift. If you plan to donate the monetary amount, visit our giving page and click the "give" button and select 
"Christmas: Serve the City" as the designation.

If you plan to purchase the gift, please ensure they are delivered to WRC (4347 Wilkinson Rd) by:
Women's Transition House - November 22
PEERS and 1Up - December 5
Angel Tree - December 12

Preservice Chat

Throughout Serve the City: Christmas we'll be interviewing representatives from the organizations we're partnering with to learn more about what they do.

Sarah Downey (1Up) - October 31
Sophia Ciavarella (PEERS) - November 7
Stuart Tisdale (Angel Tree) - November 28
Susan Howard (Women's Transition House) - December 5

Preservice Chat | Angel Tree | November 28

Stuart Tisdale and Lindsay Anderson

Preservice Chat | PEERS | November 7

Sophia Ciavarella and Lindsay Anderson

Preservice Chat | 1 Up | October 31

Sarah Downey and Lindsay Anderson

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