Sunday Services
Starting June 13 we will be holding inperson services; 10 am at WRC and 11 am at CPC. You must sign up if you wish to attend. Once the limit of 50 people increases and depending on demand, we’ll move to 2 services at WRC by adding a 6 pm service.

Starting at the beginning of July with the predicted return to normal in your home/backyard, Christina and Lindsay will begin pushing out microchurches. However, if you have a small micro-church that is 5 or less people and you’re comfortable meeting, you can start up again now.

Spiritual Friendships Clusters
We are able to start these now. Spiritual Friendships are 2-4 people meeting in a coffee shop, in a home, or wherever they’re comfortable meeting to connect, study God’s word and pray together, and hold each other accountable. Steve
Karadimas is promoting these.

Living Edge Market
The market has been continuing throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so.

Victoria Dream Center
We plan to do Learning Communities on Zoom over the summer. Then, we envision the Dream Center walking alongside First Nations people on the peninsula starting in September.

Serve the City
We plan to run Pack to School at the end of July as normal as we help under-resourced families get
ready for school.

If you have any questions, would like to get involved, or would like resources, please email

SBC COVID Update Contact Form

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