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Do you remember that feeling of going back to school with new school supplies and a brand new pair of shoes? Imagine being the parent who can't afford to buy those supplies for their kids. We've partnered with 1 UP Single Parent Resource Centre to provide us with the names and grades of kids who need help with school supplies this year.

Together with Colwood Church, we'll supply backpacks to kids filled with the required school supplies to kids in need. As well, for those that remember Love in the Laces we'll be bringing that back too! We'll be buying shoes for kids at Church Hill so they will be ready to start the new year off on the right foot! 

Together, we can bring change to Greater Victoria by acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God!

If you'd prefer to make a donation to the Pack to School fund, we'd be happy to purchase the backpacks and supplies on your behalf. Suggested donations are:

K-5: Suggested Donation: $50
Grades 6-8: Suggested Donation: $60
Grades 9-12: Suggested Donation: $70

Please use the links above to sign up for an amount, then visit our Giving page to donate.

Please ensure that items are returned to WRC (4347 Wilkinson Road) by August 13th.

Thanks for supporting Pack to School!