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Sunday, 10 July 2022

After more than 32 years as a member of Saanich Baptist Church staff, 24 of those years as Lead Pastor, Steve Sundby announced to the congregation on July 10, 2022 that he is resigning, believing that it is time for a new chapter in his life and a new leader for SBC. His last day as Lead Pastor will be Sunday, September 25th, 2022.

Steve’s powerful and transformational sermons, visionary leadership, and his and Sylvia’s sacrificial service and long‑term commitment to SBC and our community, have been a gift.

Believing it is time for a new pastor, with a new voice, that SBC is moving into a new season and is destined for new heights, and that God has amazing things in store for our church, Steve is convinced SBC’s best days are ahead.  

Between now and the arrival of a new Lead Pastor, our church will continue to inspire and equip people to live Micah 6:8 wherever they find themselves. SBC members will continue to share the love of Jesus Christ and bring hope to people in need – walking humbly with our God, compassionately serving others in our city and beyond, acting justly for the poor and oppressed, and celebrating God and His kingdom activity.

The elected Servant Leaders of SBC’s Leadership Board have established a search committee and will provide details to the congregation on the search process in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers during this time of transition. 

God Bless,

Saanich Baptist Church 


Watch Steve’s announcement in the video below.


Victoria Congson and Herbert Rieger about 1 month ago

Endings are never easy but they usually lead to new beginnings. As saddened as we are about losing pastor Steve we are heartened by the fact that now he will be having more time to take care of himself and his family after devoting 32 years of his life sharing that life with us ,with others who need spiritual guidance. Thank you for teaching us how to live Micah 6:8. We pray for your good health as you move on to a new journey.

Noelle and Everett Davis 12 days ago

We are sad to see you go Steve, and Sylvia as well. We thank both of you for your leadership, as well as your selfless service to the congregation all these years.
Steve - we’ve watched you transition from associate pastor to senior pastor, and have been encouraged and inspired by your sermons; your support for International Justice Ministry, the Clean Drinking Water campaign, and Compassion Canada; as well as your missions outreach - locally in Serve the City, and internationally in countries including Mexico, Venezuela, and Africa.
You were there for us during the dedication of our child as well as the passing of our child. We can’t thank you enough for all of your support and guidance during your 32 years at SBC.
We hope that you are able to enjoy more time with your family as you take on a new position with a whole new set of challenges. “Sometimes a change is as good as a rest,” as they say. We hope and pray that you are able to find a new job that you will feel passionate about. We wish both of you the best as you transition from SBC to your new position(s)/role(s).
May God richly bless both you and your family for your leadership and sacrifice. You leave big shoes to fill. We’ll miss you. Take care. Please keep in touch.

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