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When John and his wife moved into their rental house, they were a bit of a concern for their neighbours. Not only do people get a bit anxious at the idea of a rental home in their area, but John also fixes motorcycles for a living and definitely looked the part.

Meanwhile, there were two schools located along his road and, although the speed limit is 30km/hour, many cars sped by going way too fast. Despite periodic police presence and signs asking people to slow down, kids were still in danger.

When John saw a child almost get hit, he decided enough was enough. He figured out a way that he could help change how people drove down his road. He created a cardboard sign that read “Please Slow Down” and stood on the side of the road every morning and afternoon to ensure the safety of the kids walking down his street.

Eventually the school saw what he was doing and invested in an upgrade. He now wears a sandwich board and safety vest.

John is a great example for us who are trying to impact our neighbourhoods. He saw a need in his community and stepped up to fill it. When we do this, people take notice and want to help too. Movements begin with one person taking one step and eventually mass change can happen.

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