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September Adopt Your Block Newsletter

This fall we are reintroducing our Adopt Your Block initiative by asking: Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Most are familiar with the catchy tune crafted and sung by Sesame Street actors and puppets and now, our very own, Kim Warren.

Long before Sesame Street made the phrase popular, how we must treat our neighbours was presented to Moses & Aaron on top of Mount Sinai then later clarified in Matthew 22:39 with “Love your neighbour as yourself.”

So this poses the question: How can we love our neighbour if we don’t know them?

In this crazy high-tech world, we have access to limitless information about the most important and useless things. It is only through personal interaction that we can we answer the question: How is my neighbour today?

For many people, getting to know a neighbour, your colleague, other parents at the school yard, or whomever you interact with throughout your day can be very intimidating and uncomfortable. 

These barriers, or even an awkward silence, can easily be broken with a simple “Hello.”

At SBC we are asking everyone to participate in the 5-5-5 Prayer Challenge. Take 5 minutes to pray for 5 individuals in your realm of influence (live/work/play environment), for 5 days a week. Make your neighbour one of those 5!

Too often we go through life with blinders on. We have a schedule to keep, kids to get somewhere, an appointment or activity to get to, or we just want to be invisible.

Watch for the monthly Adopt Your Block (AYB) newsletter that will give you a number of tangible ways in which you can connect with those in your neighbourhood and community, such as assisting with yard care, taking out the trash cans for an elderly neighbour, feeding their pet while out of town or organizing/host a neighbour block party.

Your greatest gift might not be your tuna casserole, but simply your willingness to listen.

It’s time to stop just living life, and live life with purpose.

- Adopt Your Block Today!