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Christina's Story

Christina is a young adult who attends our church. As someone who lives alone, she has wondered who she could adopt as her block. What resources did she have? Was it safe to invite people into her home? Why would her neighbours want to build a relationship with her?

Instead of worrying about how she was going to adopt her block Christina asked God for help and direction. Fortunately God has a sense of humour.  A few weeks later, Christina accidently locked herself and her phone out of her apartment leaving her barefoot and with limited options. She decided to go over to her neighbour’s house and ask to use their phone.

Christina was greeted warmly and welcomed in to stay while she waited for the back-up key. In the meantime, she had the opportunity to get to know her neighbours and receive their generosity. She is now able to greet her neighbours by name.

As well, the tenants below her invited her the Thanksgiving dinner where she was welcomed among their family and friends. You never know how God will use you in the lives of those around you or how yourself will be blessed! When we ask to join in what God is doing, He will undoubtedly help, even if it is by locking you out of your house!

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