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Have You Heard About Our Adopt-Your-Block Initiative? 

In our culture, we have become more and more isolated as we are able to live more independently of each other. We’d like to counter-act this trend and embrace community! As a church, we are looking to make a difference in our city and what better place to start than in our own neighbourhoods. 

November Theme: Activities

1. What are the activities people in your neighbourhood are involved in? Chat with your neighbours and find out what community groups are happening.  Are there walking groups, school meetings, community events, soccer games?

2. Rather than adding onto your life, how can you add into your life and the lives of those around you? What are you already doing or what is your community doing that you can do with them? Embrace what’s already there!


  • Can you walk your dog with your neighbour?
  • Would it help someone to take their kids with yours to school or to the bus stop?
  • Can you eat dinner together, with each family contributing something to the meal?
  • Can you do outside yard projects together?
  • Do you have a Costco membership? You could invite a neighbour without one to come with you.
  • Is there a Remembrance day service you could attend together?

If you would like to be a part of our Adopt-Your-Block initiative, fill out the form below.

Adopt Your Block

If you would like to join Adopt-Your-Block, send us your address and the name of your neighbourhood/block and you'll receive monthly emails filled with ideas and stories of others who embracing their neighbours.

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