Due to the current social restrictions our groups have stopped meeting in person, however many of our groups have started Zoom chats or Facebook threads to stay connected and to encourage each other. If you are looking to join a small group, please email LindsayAnderson@saanichbaptist.org

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At SBC we have a variety of small groups where people learn together, pray together, and live 6:8 together. Join us!

For more information on any of these groups, please use the contact form below or phone the church office.


One of the best ways to get to know people is when you are serving alongside them, being the hands and feet of Jesus. You can join onsite serving groups such as our SBC Connect Team or Live 6:8 Cafe. There are also opportunities to serve offsite as well, such as at the Cridge Centre and through our Cobs Bread ministry.


Community groups run between September and June. They allow people to experience care, community, growth, service, and accountability, while deepening their personal relationship with Christ. These groups connect, learn, pray, and live 6:8 together.


In these groups people come together around a similar interest, hobby, or stage of life. Connect Groups provide a great opportunity for fellowship, activity, and fun.

Fill out the from below or check out our events page for upcoming groups happening each week.

SBC Groups

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