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Discussion Question Suggestions: 

  • What one insight or principle stands out as being particularly helpful, insightful, or difficult to grasp?
  • How does what was shared connect with other things that you know or are learning about God?
  • What parts may you disagree with or find challenging?
  • Consider the text from the sermon
    • Reflecting on these verses, what strikes you most? Why?
    • What is most challenging in these verses? Encouraging? New?
    • If these verses were applied to our culture today, how would it change?
  • When and where do you struggle most with what was shared in the sermon?
  • If you were to incorporate this truth into your own life, how would the next week be different?
  • How can we pray for one another regarding this topic?

Resources coming soon!

One of the marks of the early church that confounded those opposed to the Christian faith, and inevitably was a catalyst to the growth of the early church was the generous and sacrificial way they practically met the needs of each other and the community at large.

As we gather in Home Church we have a unique opportunity to bless, serve, and care for one another in practical ways, and to partner with one another in loving and serving our neighbours and those we do life with.

Intentionally look for ways to bless both those in your home church & those who are around you i.e.

  • picking up groceries, delivering a meal
  • cutting the lawn, fixing broken a broken gate etc.
  • babysit someone’s kids
  • help with a financial shortfall
  • encouraging words, a text, or a note
  • listening to one another praying for each other, contacting in between gatherings to touch base

Question: Who will you bless this week?

Prayer: "God help me to listen for, and see, the opportunities to love and bless others, responding generously and sacrificially."

Check out our Adopt Your Block page for more ideas of how you can be serving those living around you.