January 9

This week, Shila Agar joins Lindsay Anderson for the Preservice Chat! Thank you so much to all those who participated in Serve the City: Christmas this year! And a huge thank you to those who donated this Christmas Eve. The entire Christmas Eve offering went to Eternal Anchor, an organization that ministers to special needs kids and teens in Baja California, Mexico. They provide a loving home for children with special needs who don’t have a family or whose family is incapable of caring for them. They reach out to the community to help preserve families by educating and equipping them with tools and resources that will assist their children in reaching their God-given potential. Their goal is to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of as many children with special needs as God brings to them. Their vision is to see children and adults with special needs in their community celebrated and nurtured.

Right now , they are purchasing and fixing up a third home, this one for adults. This 5-bedroom house (4 bedrooms for adults and 1 for a caregiver) is on a ranch with horses and will offer horse therapy.

You raised just over $15,000 to help with the project! Thank you!

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