Sunday, October 25

Today's Speaker: Steve Karadimas
Today's Message: The Lost Art: Fear and Trust
Today's Scripture: Psalm 55

Welcome - Announcements
Call to Worship

Come let us praise the Lord, our God who does great things!
When we rise in the morning let us declare His faithfulness,
in the evening let us rest in the shadow of His wings.
Let his praise remain on our lips from day to day.  
For our God is the great God, the great King above all Kings!
Let fear melt in the presence of His praise.
Let darkness tremble at the mention of His name.
Let our praise usher in His Kingdom, and our singing proclaim the coming of our King.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.  

Worship Songs

Great Things
Ever Be
No Longer Slaves

Worshipping Through Giving
Join us as we continue to worship through the giving of our tithes and offering.

May the peace of God enfold us,
the love of God uphold us,
the wisdom of God control us.   

Afterservice Prayer

Would you like someone to pray with you?