Missions Local

SBC strives to be a community that works with our local community, impacting it for the good. One of our mission efforts is our Serve the City events. Our vision for Serve the City is to see ordinary people make an extraordinary difference because they’re living 6:8, whether it be free car-care for people who can’t afford it, picking up garbage in our local parks, or aiding various groups around the city like the Mustard Seed or Our Place.

In addition, we are working to create a minimum of two Dream Centers that will be used by God to transform lives and impact cities. We seek to engage the local community in ways that are practical and relevant and that serve the common good.

In short we want to be good neighbours, employees, employers, coaches, and friends etc. We want to make a difference in practical and tangible ways wherever we are sharing God's love in both word and deed.  


We as a church are committed to praying for our neighbours and you as you go out into your communites. Will you join us in committing to praying for your neighbours?

As you go into your communities it is essential to be partnering with God by prayerfully seeking what it is he is already doing and lifting those you meet up to Him in prayer.

Remember God is already at work in the lives of people in your neighbourhood, discover how you can join Him, all you have to do is ask!

If you are just starting this jouney with us check out hese 'starting Points' below.

  1. Notice the people in your neighbourhood and where they live. Walk the block and meet your neighbour's casually as opportunity arises, and hey, a little fresh air and exercise doesn't hurt anyone. Take note: are there widows? Single parents? How can you support these individuals or families?
  2. Introduce yourself, find out their names and learn about them. Have a conversation. Try to listen to what the needs are in your area.
  3. Pray for those in your neighbourhood.

If you would like to be a part of this initiative, please contact the SBC office: [email protected]